The case of the unwashed bento boxes


Our older child, Pristine (almost 10 years old) is tasked to wash her lunch box after she comes home from school. She had been diligently doing this for years.

And then Benjamin came. At least until he changed from a squishy, all-sleep-no-play baby to a very mobile toddler – the one who giggles a lot and makes you forget there is an outside world beyond your house.

He can be addicting, I tell you.

Pristine started missing to wash her lunch box until I tell her, scuttles off when I enter the door and I have this look on my face, “Did you wash your lunch box, young lady?!” Because most of time, she didn’t. Or she has forgotten.

“I took a long bath, mama”

“I was about to wash it and then Benjamin wanted to play with me.”

Recently, I took hold of the iPad to update the operating system to the latest. There is not enough space for OS update. I went straight to the Photos album and found lots of videos, all evidence of what she’s up to – the reason she’s procrastinating washing her lunch box.

She is too excited for this.

This is just one of the many videos they have together. There is no way I can delete it in favor of an immediate OS update.


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