Turning on a new leaf

new leaf

Hi, there. Please welcome back my blog from the grave – it’s been down for more than 24 hours but with a great reason! If you’re reading this from a mobile or an RSS feed reader, please click to see the new blog design.

(I’ll write about the design process and the designer in my next post. Also about that cutesy hand drawn illustration over at the top right, see, see.)


I chose a shade of blue/green (teal?) and orange as the main colors. The blue represents the color of the sea (in the beaches here in Dubai) and the orange is the color of the desert sand. The brownish color in the previous theme is gone, replaced with two colors that pop.  I hope you like it as I do.

There are still few fine tuning that needs to be done but I have to get this back up before you all go away thinking the blog had been swallowed by the internet black hole.

I will still be tweaking some elements here and there and if you find a hiccup, please let me know!

Top photo credit


  1. gorgeous new layout! keep it up….you are doing an amazing job yourself. I especially love the cartoon graphics.

    hope you are having a great week!



  2. I was WONDERING why I couldn’t get to your blog yesterday! Now I understand why and a good reason it most definitely is 🙂 Your new design is stunning! I adore the color combination and the easy layout. And who can forget that lovely little drawing up at the top!



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