Week four in Japan

* We’re back to Dubai, this is just a recap of our trip to Japan. *

On our last week in Japan, the older child asked, “why do we have to go back (to Dubai)”? I understand her plight – it’s hard to say goodbye to days like this.

week 4 - 1

She has a point. If we were there, they can be at the park, even have water fun outside all throughout the summer. Every freakin’ day.

week 4 - 2

week 4 - 3

And then they can have this after playing. Green tea ice cream with ogura (sweet red beans) on kakigori (shaved ice). Mmmm.

green tea kakigori

Or watermelons! Japanese watermelons are not cheap (this one is US$20 per piece) but they’re totally worth it.

watermelons in Japan

We will miss the nights when we had hanabi (fire crackers).

week 4 - 4

And that strange Italian restaurant that has buffet menu not only for pizza and pasta but also Japanese osouzai (appetizers)!

Italian restaurant

On our way to Narita airport, we pass by Suwa Lake. My first job was near this lake and during our training, we were made to walk around this lake to “refresh” and “start our working life fit and healthy. I was like, they’ve got to be kidding, this lake is 13.3 square kilometers in area!

Suwa Lake

Family portrait at Suwa service area in the expressway to Tokyo, with Suwa Lake on the background. Sorry the kids look like they just got out of bed…because they just did.

week 4 - 5

Pristine in front of Tokyo station, must be one of the most photographed train stations in Japan.

week 4 - 6

I love this photo of my kids. I love how Ben is clinging to his big sister as she confidently feeds the bird off her hands. He is super curious at the bird but a little scared and big sister got his back on this.

week 4 - 7

M had an errand at Okura Shukokan, an art museum in front of Hotel Okura in Tokyo. Sitting with the big statue of the museum founder, Kihachiro Okura.

week 4 - 8

You can almost tell what she’s praying for.

week 4 - 9

We arrive in Narita Airport.Ben is fascinated by anything moving – trains, buses, cars, planes. We’re lucky this little guy is such a trooper during our long flight to Japan and back.

week 4 - 10

And then, bam! Just like that, we’re back to Dubai.

week 4 - 11

That wraps up our 4 weeks in Japan, in photos. The kids are missing Japan already. Right now, we only have pictures, videos and lot of memories.

See here for other photos of Week OneWeek Two and Week Three.

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  1. wow it looks like so much fun! 😀 You kids are adorable and I love that pic of the two of them with the bird! My daughters are only one year apart and when I capture moments like that, it really makes me go awwww at their sibling bond!



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