Week three in Japan

* We’re back to Dubai, this is just a recap of our trip to Japan. *

Time flies when you’re having fun, right? We feel that our days in Japan is coming to an end. It’s still hot but that didn’t mean anything for these kids who are overwhelmed with the idea they can actually go outside and play in the summer!

week 3 -1

When we first came here, Pristine was terrified of insects and bugs. It’s amazing she’s come this far to holding one! Pristine caught a dragonfly and gladly posed for a picture. She released it afterwards.

week 3 -2

Benjamin and I continue our strolls around the neighborhood.


week 3 -3




Pristine, who had been going to the elementary school there walks with a friend to school. I will write a separate post about going to school in Japan and why we put her in.

walking to school in Japan

Japanese sake – have you tried it? I am cautious of these things as I had a very unforgettable hangover from this stuff years back. Something I don’t want to repeat! Think of a hangover that don’t want to go away. For days.

Japanese sake

Did I tell you it’s hot? The summer temps rose up to 35-37C but since we don’t have any aircon at home, we looked like this on most days. And lived in front of the electric fan.

week 3 -4

Summer = Popsicles.

week 3 -5

And ice candy.

week 3 -6

Too much cold stuff led to this.

week 3 -7

He had been holding up really well with the heat but near the end of our vacation, I couldn’t ignore Ben’s coughing anymore. This was at a nearby clinic.

Random view from the newly renovated train station. A friend of mine used to live here while we were working for the same company. Brings back so many memories.

Hirooka, Shiojiri City, Nagano, Japan

The foodie tandem. They took a pic of our ramen, I took a pic of them taking a pic of our ramen.

week 3 -8

Week four photos coming next! Here are photos of Week One and Week Two.


  1. One day Grace, one day I’ll visit Japan and see and experience all these things! It really looks and sounds like you guys had a good time despite the heat. I can’t believe how FAST the kids are growing up!!



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