Week two in Japan

* We’re back to Dubai, this is just a recap of our trip to Japan. *

I actually attempted to publish this post without writing anything. But I can’t help it. I need words. The below photo is taken in Matsumoto City in Nagano Prefecture in Japan, where we lived before moving to Dubai. What an awesome scene, yes?


The neighborhood coin laundry. I loved that Japan is very convenient and offers a lot to make life easier. We lived in our previous house (the one we rented out but tenant left early this year) and there was nothing in it, only the floor, roof and walls. No appliances too, including a washing machine!

at the coin laundry

e love our daily strolls around the neighborhood. The shrines and temples provided a cool respite at the peak of summer. Benjamin was wearing a light jacket with hood here as it was still a little cool when we arrived in Matsumoto in early July.

Murai jinja

Pristine and Ben in a shrine in Nagaoka City in Niigata.

afternoon stroll

Looking at the wide, wide rice fields in Niigata, Japan.

rice fields

Such a different view from Dubai! We stopped our car so Ben can look outside from the window.

Ben looking out

RAIN. We miss rain and Benjamin didn’t understand that you can’t play outside when it rains. It rained a lot in Japan when we were there. He’s also fascinated with this transparent umbrella.


SUMO! I loved watching Sumo when I lived in Japan. In fact, I must confess that I even have a crush on one of the Sumo wrestlers (who’s from Bulgaria – yes, there are non-Japanese sumo wrestlers). I still dream of watching a sumo match live someday.


Seeing animals around is new for Ben and he is not afraid to touch them! I am always nervous when there’s a dog because he will always go near and give out his hand!


Yeah – I know what you’re thinking. We went to Japan during summer but why the fleece jackets? LOL After living in the desert for almost 7 years, we have all become so sensitive with (cold) temperatures. It was about 20C in Matsumoto that time and with cool winds blowing, we had to wear a jacket!

cold summer

Week three photos coming next! Here are photos of our Week One in Japan.


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