Do you have The Entertainer?

If you live in Dubai, you probably have heard of “The Entertainer”.


Well, it’s is a compilation of over 1,500 buy one get one vouchers that can be used to your favorite casual restaurants, cafes, water parks and more. Priced at AED395 (US$107) at the stores and AED356 (US$96) online, it’s a bit pricey (for me!) because I thought I wouldn’t use it much anyway. I didn’t pay much attention to it.

Come end of Ramadan in the 2nd week of August, they had a further 20% from the online price since all members of my family’s birthdays fall in the last 3 months of the year, I thought I’d buy The Entertainer Dubai book (with much hesitation still!). I paid AED284.

We took friends for a buffet dinner at AED130 per person at The Californian, Dusit Thani Hotel. We are a group of six so we used the 3 stubs (buy one get one, remember??) and saved a whooping AED390 off the bill! Just one single use and the book paid for itself! And I still have a lot of voucher stubs to our favorite restaurants! How amazing is that? Why was I so worried about buying this amazing book at the start of the year? I could’ve saved more!


  1. Good morning Grace,

    Our family had The Entertainer books some four years now, two at a time. And I think the best time we used it is when it is just used half through or less. You see, sometimes you are enticed to use it just because it’s there, and not because you need it, that’s when you accumulate unnecessary expense.

    We have three opened plus one sealed pack at home now (one of the opened was from your Merries Diaper freebies – thank you lots 🙂 ) and we are undecided whether to sell the unopened one for AED 200 or not :-).

    Wondering why we had that much books – because for two years in a row, we bought 15 sets online when they are giving 15% discount, and then I am supposed to sell 13 of them at retail price. So the markup on the 13 covered the cost of the two books. This year though, I wasn’t able to sell one of them…

    The Entertainer vouchers are indeed quite great if used to save and not forced to spend more…



    1. We eat out a lot (or at least the mister) and he sometimes treats the staff on his department when they achieve record sales, etc so it’s very good for us.

      You better sell your unused Entertainer fast as it’s approaching September already! Good luck!



  2. Thank God for these vouchers. We always use up a book or two every year as we do a lot of dining out (I mean, what else is there to do here). Other than food there are also other good deals like theme park discounts and all.



  3. This is our third year with The Entertainer. When we first got it there was only one big book, then they split it into semi fine dining and the kiddie stuff.

    We have never used up everything….that would mean dining out almost every other day and going on weekend getaways every weekend! But yes, as soon as you use up one sheet or two of the vouchers, they pretty much have paid for themselves already.

    I had a group of Facebook friends before who used to swap vouchers. I never used any of the pub ones or the desert safaris, and they don’t use some of the kiddie friendly ones so it was a good trade.

    I am definitely buying again next year!



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