Visiting the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

We’re almost seven years here in Dubai and this being a ‘small’ city, we feel we’ve been to the places, no more room to explore. Actually there are lots left to explore, we are just too lazy to go out on our day off.

Since it’s still searing hot outside, where else to go but to the temperature controlled shelters like the mall. Dubai Mall is wonderful on early Friday morning: there’s only very few people there! Most people stay up so late on Thursday nights (night before the weekend starts) so they are in still in bed until noon. That’s how it is I guess in hot countries: people go out at night while the sun is hiding.

I took the kids to the Dubai Mall Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.

Dubai Mall Aquarium

It’s so huge this is the only aquarium in the world that can accommodate divers. There are people inside the aquarium, can you believe that?

Dubai Mall Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

We bought the Ultimate Aquarium Experience Package that includes the aquarium tunnel, underwater zoo, glass bottom boat ride and 40 dhs worth of gift certificate redeemable at the souvenir shop.

Honestly, I thought it would be boring…but then I enjoyed it! Lots and lots of fishes in the underwater zoo, we were all excited to see them all!

The kids can’t get enough of the fishes!

There’s this particular fish that needs a lipstick, according to Pristine, LOL!

lipstick fish

Then, I got excited when I saw Nemo…actually a LOT of Nemos! They were swirling round that thing (seaweed? coral?) – totally adorable!! I love clown fishes!


And Nemo’s aquarium friend Gil was also there!


My husband almost always works on Fridays so it’s just me and the kids, however, we thought we’d improvise our family time by going out with him (he works in the mall), spending time at the mall where there’s plenty of space to walk around and then having lunch with him on his break.

Croc play

We had so much fun, I would recommend it to anyone especially if you have kids.

Pristine and Benjamin

Unfortunately, Benjamin is not allowed to get into the glass bottomed boat and they wouldn’t take Pristine without an adult chaperone. But still, our trip was worth it.

glass bottom

I was too scared to stand on the glass bottomed flooring! (below is the deep aquarium)

Ben slept after lunch so I let him be. We strolled around and around Dubai Mall, and for the first time in my life, I spent 8 hours in a mall. You don’t want to know how my feet felt that night!

The Dubai Aquarium is located inside the Dubai Mall,open during mall hours.


  1. My kids love visiting the aquarium too and the zoo! But I’m a chicken in riding the boat since the 5 and 2 years old are not keeping still.



    1. The good thing about Benjamin is that he is very still when he is scared! LOL
      He was so still at The Rainforest Cafe, especially when the thunder and lighting effects start and the gorillas move!

      I think he can be on the boat when he’s a little bit older.



  2. ive never been on that boat myself…i wont even step on that glass lol its too scary for me! Oh and I remember last month when I spent 6 hours at the Dubai Mall and was fascinated but the pain in my legs told me it was time to go home lol have you been to kidzania? I have yet to go there!



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