Water fun at the park!

Pristine in 2004

This was Pristine in 2004 at Yoshikawa Park, a park near where we lived in Japan. We love this park – it’s huge, with lots of play space for children. It also has a very beautiful view of the mountains.

Yoshikawa Park in Matsumoto

This is Pristine in 2013, at the same park (different side). How fast time flies, eh?

Yoshikawa Park in Matsumoto

We went back to the park on our vacation to Japan, this time, tagging along Ben. The park has a ankle deep shallow flowing “river” the children absolutely love to wade in…except that Ben sometimes prefer to wade his butt as well.

Yoshikawa Park in Matsumoto

The temps in Dubai before we left ( late June) and until end of October won’t allow us any outdoor life, this is heaven for them.

Yoshikawa Park in Matsumoto

I have not seen a child who doesn’t love water play!

Yoshikawa Park in Matsumoto

There’s another water play at the park, right ahead of the shallow river. Hand in hand, they went to look for it.

Yoshikawa Park in Matsumoto

Water will be sprouting from the floor, but on intervals so when they arrived, there was no water…yet.

Yoshikawa Park in Matsumoto

And when the water came out, Pristine was so delighted! It was so hot that day even for Japan (at 35C), anyone would love to be splashed with cold water…except for Benjamin – he has this strange hatred for water in his face.

Yoshikawa Park in Matsumoto

“C’mon, it’s fun!” shouted the big sister but I only heard screams of objection. Cute screams of objection.

Yoshikawa Park in Matsumoto

So she went on to enjoy the water splash by herself.

Yoshikawa Park in Matsumoto

And Benjamin changed into dry clothes and went climbing.

Yoshikawa Park in Matsumoto

Both slept so soundly that night!

* As I’m writing this, we are already back to Dubai. When Ben saw these set of photos, he makes those baby sounds pointing at the PC screen as if saying, “take me back there! Now! Now!”


  1. I went for my first physical therapy session today. My therapist is named Mimi and she is from the Philippines! I told her about my6 friend Grace and she asked how we met. “Oh we are Blog friends”. She was amazed!



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