Last working day before my vacation!

Today, I shut down my PC at work at 7:30 pm. I can’t believe I spent an hour and a half of overtime on my last day of work – before my vacation starts. If you’re new to this blog, you might want to know that we expat workers here in Dubai get 30 days annual leave with pay + return flights for “home”. It’s one of those wonderful things about living and working in the UAE.

We work long hours, at least most of us do. I only have whole day of Friday and afternoon of Saturday off. I work 47.5 hours a week. Some people work longer. (Others are lucky to have 2 whole days for their weekends…so when they come online on Twitter at the start of the week to whine their 2 days off weren’t enough, I really want to punch my computer screen)

I’ve waited for this for so long. We’ve not had a vacation since 2009. That’s FOUR long years. Some of my work colleagues are quick to point out, “but you had a 3 months break after you gave birth!” Dude, when you have a small baby, it’s not a vacation. At all. I wish you become a woman and give birth in your next life!

I need some air – aย respite from the somewhat hamster-in-a-wheel day to day living.

Also – I’ve been struggling with my “other life” – the faithful blogger, the avid street/food/sky/whatever-strikes-my-fancy photographer, the Twitter addict, that friend who never fails to answer emails within 5 minutes from receiving it (unless I’m asleep!), the one who’s always online. The life I am happier with.

Work has been hectic lately and I feel I’m burned out to do anything else.

When I come home, I come home to a toddler running towards me, one hand already under my shirt once I scoop him up. Twenty months after delivery, I am still breastfeeding – I’m getting exhausted with that as well. But when you see this face? You will not have the nerve to not give him what he wants.

Benjamin and me

Don’t get me wrong, I love breastfeeding and won’t have it any other way but while it looks easy breezy, it’s not. You are not the owner of your body anymore. Be prepared to become a human pacifier!

Anyway, I am looking forward to our vacation although full of worries (in another blog post!). I’m trying to stay positive – after all, isn’t it a big deal to wake up in the morning not thinking about going to work for 30 days?


  1. Have an awesome time, Grace. You deserve it!

    I had to chuckle at the comment about the coworkers. I worked in a male dominated job and the first few years they would talk about all the golf they played or going hunting or some guy thing and then ask me what I did on our days off. I’d tell them about the laundry, the grocery shopping, the dusting and vacuuming, and the cooking I’d done. It took them awhile to realize that unlike them I didn’t have a wife at home taking care of all those things!



  2. Lol with the human pacifier! ๐Ÿ˜€ My toddler stopped breastfeeding at 30 months old – that was a week ago, and she still tries once in a while whether I will feed her. It is hard when she says please, but at her age, it’s for her good too.

    Have a nice vacation! ๐Ÿ˜‰



    1. OMG, 30 months! You are awesome!

      Looking and knowing my son, I am sure we’d go that far too! He just doesn’t have plans to stop this booby habit!

      Thanks for leaving a comment and I apologize for my late reply!



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