My life with two kids, so far

Benjamin at almost 20 months

I can’t believe he’s been with us for almost 20 months already. Time flies fast, especially with this one. My not so little boy Benjamin is getting more and more adorable everyday: he responds to us, starts to talk, gives us wet, butterfly kisses.

People would ask me, “how’s life with the new baby?” and maybe expect me to say it’s tough. Well, it is. On some days it’s tough, it’s crazy. Because we all know little boys climb on walls. They climb on everything and they run without looking where they’re heading to. He gives me mini-heart attacks but I light up whenever I am asked about our new family member. It’s obvious I am obsessed with him. I simply cannot get enough of him and already thinking what would I do when he grows up and refuse my hugs and kisses.

The thought just breaks my heart.


“How’s life with two kids now?”

Life is great. I’ve never been happier – maybe because I don’t have PPD (postpartum depression) this time around and I feel I am more capable as a mother. Being a mom all over again rocks. Highly recommended!

Me and my two kids

Also, we are lucky they have that eight years gap between them – Pristine finds her baby brother adorable too. There are days when it’s chaotic, like when Benjamin broke some of Pristine’s things and there were screaming and a little human scuttling around to find comfort.

But at the end of the day, she is that loving, doting sister – no, a mini-mom to her little brother.

Big sis Pristine

When I see them together, my heart overflows. My children. They have each other.

Pristine and Benjamin

Parenting is not a walk in the park everyday (especially if you’re a working mom) but when you see your children happy together, you couldn’t ask for more.


    1. Benjamin got my eyes?! I think I’ve never heard of that before LOL!
      But I’ll take it – it’s not everyday someone tells me I have some of my features in my children’s faces! Haha!



    1. Oh and they say, if the older one is a girl then all the better – she will take care of the younger one. I was afraid of the big gap before but it works so well with us!



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