Dubai is a haven for Indian food lovers

chai tea spices

This morning, I took out a pair of skinny jeans and attempted to put it on. My legs negotiated through the panel of cloth, I nervously closed the buttons and checked my breathing.

Ok, I can still breathe!

I’ve not worn something like this for about two years but don’t be shocked. I’ve not become skinny overnight, the jeans is just…stretchy. Blergh.

But someone in my house said, “Oh my, poor jeans. It’s screaming for help!”

I’ll not disclose who said that to maintain world peace.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some of my clothes won’t fit me soon. We’ve been to an Indian restaurant three times in a span of 6 days. THREE carb loaded, rich Indian food in less than a week! My fat deposits are already reacting before you could even finish reading that sentence.

Fact is, I am married to someone who LOVES to eat out. Eating out is his vice. In fact, he eats out several times a week due to his work nature and schedule. And he eats everything and anything his heart desires. He doesn’t think about the amount of carbs or fat. He doesn’t blink when he orders a tall latte with sugar or a huge ice cream shake at Coldstone Creamery.

One day he said he missed to eat butter chicken, so we went. Next, he wanted paneer tikka, off to the nearby Indian restaurant we went. Last night, he was craving Murgh Malai Kabab – boneless chicken pieces marinated in yoghurt and other tangy spices so we went to try out Gazebo Restaurant at Deira City Center.

These were the most tender and tasty chicken kabab we have ever tasted!

Gazebo menu

That is just part of what he ordered. We had Malai Kofta – round balls of mashed potato with paneer (cottage cheese) and spinach, cooked in a mixtures of onion and cashew nut gravy.

Then the breads! Oh the Indian breads – plain naan, butter naan, parathas, rotis! I can say no to other breads but I close my eyes and say a little diet prayer when a piping hot, fluffy naan is in front of me.



I always have sweet lassi – it’s a mixture of milk, yoghurt and sugar with added spices like cardamom. It’s a great refreshing finish to the rich, spicy-ish food (we always order less spicy). It comes in plain and mango flavor.

plain and mango sweet lassi

My husband loves warm masala tea (chai) after his feast of Indian food. His face paints a look of a happy, contented man as he sips the black tea brewed with spices and milk. It is said that a cup of Chai gives a wonderful sense of warmth and has a soothing effect. No wonder!


We have deep, deep love for Indian food that we find ourselves asking, “what will we ever do when we leave Dubai and settle in a place where there’s no Indian restaurant?”

So while we’re here, we plan to enjoy the varieties of Indian food available.

Good for the husband, he can eat all he wants without thinking of the fate of his trousers the next day. I am in the losing end because I swear I just sniff the bread and gain weight!


1. Kamat Restaurant (Vegetarian only)
Several locations across Dubai and Sharjah (We frequently visit their branch in Qusais, near where we live)

2. Gazebo Restaurant
Several locations across Dubai and Sharjah (We went to the one in Deira City Centre Mall)

3. Aramana Restaurant – in Qusais, near Kamat Restaurant

4. Options by Sanjeev Kapoor
Two locations – one at the World Trade Center and the other at Movenpick Hotel Deira in Salahuddin Street.

Read: My review of Options by Sanjeev Kapoor, (Movenpick Deira branch)

5. Shamiana at Deira City Center Food Court and other food courts  – their tandoori chicken is a must try!

Do you live in Dubai? What are the other Indian restaurants you think is worth giving up my skinny jeans for?


  1. It’s not Indian but I need a regular feed of Ravi’s to keep my belly happy (and chubby).

    In Sydney we have good quality, inexpensive sushi everywhere, I’ve given that up in Dubai for Indian & Pakistani food!



    1. Thanks Corinne! What is in Ravi’s?

      The inexpensive and authentic sushi (and other Japanese food) we’ll have soon. Leaving for Japan in 12 days! 🙂



  2. Ravi’s in Satwa. A Pakistani restaurant with the best daal and Palak paneer and Peshwari chicken I’ve ever tasted. Super cheap too, we feed 4 adults there for 80 aed and still have leftovers.

    Have a brilliant time in Japan! 15 days until I head to Oz via Singapore!



    1. Now that you mentioned butter chicken…I got a message from my husband saying he wants butter chicken. Seriously, he should move to India already! LOL



  3. I personally haven’t been to Ravi’s but apparently it is a Dubai right of passage. Everyone eats at Ravi’s! Best to do it during cooler months though so you can sit outside in Satwa and watch people as you enjoy food.

    My go-to fast food Indian restaurant is Shamiana. I love their butter chicken and the naan is just amazing. The portion of rice is astonishing and I can never eat all of it on my own.

    Oh but you must also try a thali. My work colleagues took me to one of those vegetarian restaurants on Bank Street where you sit on the floor and eat off banana leaves. I had to ask for mild spicy as they serve really spicy food there. Can’t remember the name of the place but there is also on in Al Musalla Tower food court. Best eaten with your hands!



  4. The food looks so delicious! I like India Palace. They have several locations for casual dining and in food courts as well. I’m also a huge fan of mango lassi, it’s so refreshing especially after a spicy meal. I like masala chai too…chai latte is one of my favorite hot drinks.
    LOL @ “I just sniff the bread and gain weight!”. I totally understand what you mean! I can easily gain weight too.



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