Have you found that perfect jeans for you?

Gap sexy boyfriend jeans

What is your favorite brand of jeans? I’m sure if you don’t have problem areas in your lower body, it’s very easy to answer this question. You might even say, “Anything – I can fit into anything.”

And then I will hate you.

See, I hardly shop for jeans nowadays*.

*means my life after babies + a hell lot of years thereafter.

First rule: if it doesn’t stretch, forget it.

Living in Japan was particularly tough – in case you don’t know, the people there are miniature humans. Everyone is skinny and I am so sure an “L” size there is an “S” size in the real world. I used to shop online for Lee jeans because that was the only brand that agreed with me.

Shopping for jeans, in one word is EXHAUSTING.

Plus, the sight of myself inside the dressing room makes me cry. I usually go in with about 2-3 pairs which I think I can get into and go out cursing the last chocolate bar I had a few hours ago. Then I promise myself I’ll not attempt to shop for jeans again until I’ve made changes in my thighs life. And only after I tackle the logs.

But of course, I am a woman. I change my mind and I end up doing the same torture to myself again and again.

So last week, I went to GAP. While I’m not one brand fanatic where prices are most of the time inflated obviously without the guarantee of you looking like that mannequin with the jeans on, I still took my chance (because in spite of it all, I still believe in miracles).

I tried on a pair of Always Skinny (Skimmer type – shorter than regular length, sits on the ankle). Relax. I know non-skinny people with mom butt like me shouldn’t even dare to get near the skinny jeans rack but I did. I ate something that made me over confident that day, whatever.

And? OH. MY. GOD. and all the saints…nothing fit my body like a glove. NOTHING!

And when you find the perfect pair after years and years of trying…when you find one that fits so perfectly, the one that don’t make your thighs look like Spanish chorizos that are about to explode, where the waist don’t expose your butt crack when you sit down…where you can sit down and still BREATHE

You are in tears.


Imagine all those years of would be looking for the right pair coming to an end. You hear music. You float on air. It’s almost like finding your soul mate and then you kiss under the rain. I fell in love with GAP.

I went inside the store out of curiosity and ended up buying two pairs of the 1969 Sexy Boyfriend Jeans – it’s the type that fit me most perfectly! Boyfriend jeans are very versatile because you can dress them up with sexy heels or dress down with flats or sneakers.

Gap boyfriend jeans with heels

They were not on sale so I had to pay for the full price. The price almost had me in tears – the brand name is spot on: GAP – it surely leaves a huge gap (hole) in your pocket!

But no regrets. If you find your perfect match, nothing else matters. Right?


  1. Honestly, my body has done a whole HECK of a lot of yo-yoing these past few years. I’ve gone from being 16/18 at my largest down to size 3 at my smallest and I can NEVER find a pair of jeans to fit quite right o.O

    If I found a pair of jeans that fit perfectly as you described above, I’d have NO problem paying big $$$ for them babies!

    I’m super happy you found some jeans that you feel GOOD in ^.^ That’s all that really matters anyway!



    1. Size 3! Wow that is small!
      I am managing to fit into a US10 jeans but used to wear a US16 at my largest!!

      I wish to settle on a body size soon. After all, I am done with pregnancy and child birth, I can now concentrate on repairing my body! LOL



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