Stricter UAE driving tests, frustrated new learners

uae driving test

A work colleague is very frustrated he failed his final driving road test. Again. This is the fourth time.

He already paid AED4,000 for his 20 classes + road test and then AED820 extra for the classes and the road test every time he failed the tests. Sigh. Frustrating isn’t it?

Reference: Fees to take a driving license at Emirates Driving Institute.

Another work colleague said,

“What to do? It’s always like that – no one really passes on the first try. I got my license after 6 road tests!”

“Gone are the days when people pass on the first try! It’s become a profit making scheme here!”

Obviously, that did not comfort the guy who failed his 4th road test. He’s now confused whether to go through his 5th test again or give up.

I asked around: How many times did you have to take the final road test before getting that much coveted, UAE driving license?

Some were happy to say they were lucky to pass on the first try, others had to undergo the test three times, some five times. Getting a driving license in Dubai is made tougher to improve driving standards in the Emirate. I get it and am all for safety driving but at the same time feeling the frustration of people failing the test again and again, wasting away precious time and money.

How about you? How many times did you take the final road test before you got your driving license?


As for me, my foreign license belongs to the list of countries where it only takes a few minutes to transfer that foreign license to a UAE driving license (valid for 10 years). No training or road test required.

The countries from which citizens can transfer their driving licenses are given below:

Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Kuwait, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States.


21 thoughts on “Stricter UAE driving tests, frustrated new learners

  1. I passed on my third try. I don’t think he should be let down because a lot of people go through that. I know someone who took eight tries!

    I have mixed feelings about this too. It’s very frustrating both emotionally and financially having to re-do tests, but they have to be stricter given the number of accidents and the standard of driving here.

    Maybe they should increase the number of classes before a test?


  2. Hubby got his after his 3rd try. I don’t drive yet, but plan to take classes later this year or by early next year.

    I think your colleague should complain to the school’s supervisor, ask what’s lacking with the training classes he’s getting that he’s not passing the road test. My husband did after his 2nd try and he failed, and thus the school instructors gave him more intense training during his extra classes. On the 3rd time, he had passed.


  3. I got mine in the first try at EDI last month. I’m not sure if they deliberately fail you, women with me on their third and fourth tries, really drove like it was their first lesson let alone a test. While sometimes, it can be luck, I wouldn’t believe its a money making ploy.


  4. I will be appearing soon for 4th test this time. I enrolled in DDC Discovery Branch. My First test was in Jumaira Dry Dock where I failed because of the reason I stop at red light move half a meter & stopped again.
    My second attempt was in Al Barsha where I drove all the way care fully on speed limit of 40. Examiner came out of the car didn’t made a single comment on my Driving. Later on I got the paper “FAILED”
    Reason being “Driving too Slow & Didn’t make right turn properly “. No issues on This I went to take 8 more classes again & ask Instructor on the same. He told me to drive on 50 & stated you have to leave enough gap for Motorcycle riders.
    I went for third attempt in Al Barsha Again. I was 3rd among all the students. I started driving while making right turn I left enough space to pass a motorcycle but Examiner started yelling at me stating that you should not do this you should be very close to the right side etc. However I continue drive.
    After few minutes He yell at me again why I am driving too fast while the speed limit is 40….I was speechless however I show him previous paper & try to make him understand what happened with me last time. That guy Became angry & I failed again.
    Later on I got the paper “FAILED” Reason being “Driving too Fast & Didn’t make right turn properly “.
    I am really frustrated. Preparing for 4th test now with a ray of hope.


    • I was attend first road test and having a good driving really i thought pass but finally examiner said u while in u turn lightly u touched first road so this is major mistake. ok then second t-junction i properly checked but opposite side suddenly on bike crossed but that mistake is yours examiner told. ok. then finally third test really i have a good driving really i thought passed but crazy examiner making the mistake for money making business………. but this is not good justice what can i do..??? i submitted my problem fully in god (allah)……….


  5. i passed in my 2nd try. i feel the best chance of passing is if u r the 2nd person in the car to drive. The first guy has to reverse and take the car to the main road. which can be a bit tricky as examiners are looking for the smallest of the things to fail candidates. the 3rd person is again not a good thing because he has to park the car back into the parking lot. which is easier than reversing, but stil if u dont pull exactly in between the parking lines, u can get penalised. the first time i was driving perfectly, but i failed. i didnt know why until i took my instructor on the same road and drove there and showed him wat happd. lol… after i took a turn into a lane, i was driving on the wrong side of the road. hahhaa.. funniest… had i driven on the correct side i would have passed on the first go itself.


  6. tomorrow im going to appear for my 7th test.
    I don’t know if ill pass or not
    I only know that if I don’t pass this time I have wasted my fathers retirement benefits and I have to go back india.


  7. Hi, i was going through the comments as i need help as a new comer / learner. After 7 yrs of living in dubai, i finally was able to convinced by my friend to take a driving lesson. I don’t drive before even in my hometown and i think this cause me difficulties at the moment. I registered at DDC and finished 17 classes out of 40. I was waiting at the parking area for my turn and one lady was standing there too. I asked her if she’s into driving and she said yes, she was waiting for newly assigned instructor as she changed instructor due to they start late and finish early. Previous instructor used to be always on phone too. Its just so funny as she was talking about my current instructor (male) and i was having the same problem with him. I then decided to change instructor and i have to wait for one week to start with new instructor. I was just wondering, is DDC really having good instructors? This is one question that every beginner would ask as i personally wouldn’t want to waste time and money. Thanks to hear your comments and suggestions..


    • Same experience with me with DDC 1st instructor starts late and finish the lesson early..the booking for schedule makes you wait al least 3 I transferred to EDI Al Quos, their service is good and you have to wait only al least 3 days to book a schedule..


  8. Hi I was try to get dubai licence. ..but in my mistake and my bad luck..10 test plus 2 test Belhasa school they are add.and than I paid money. But after 4 yrs again I resatart my class I attended 1 more test again failed. I don’t know when I will get my dl licence. ..


  9. Hi,…I failed 7time in DDC and I am really frustrated.. I really started to feel that it’s a money making business.. My examiner was waiting for an apportunity to grab my steering wheel in line change where I know I am clear to change… Which made me nervous and for him reason to fail me….and gave 5 immediate fail points and 13 minor point… I don’t know how…


  10. I failed 4 Times!!
    Put a break of 45 days to get rid of the frustration I had
    Now , restarted the classes and preparing for the 5th one.
    Really heartbreaking in terms of efforts, pressure, money a lot.. Pray for me


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