View of Dubai from high above!

Incredible photos of Dubai taken from a different angle have been circulating the internet recently.


These photos are not mine. They are taken by a tandem of Russian tourists who clearly don’t give a shit about heights.

Russian tandem

I think their prayer is a one liner that says: “Dear God, no wind today please. Thank you.”


Or, “Dear God, give me the power to control gravity. Just in case (knock on wood!)”


Fear of heights? Pffft, they squash and toss it out in the air like a dead bug.


This must be captioned, “DON’T TELL MY MOTHER!”

But never mind the squeamish photos. Dubai is really beautiful, especially at night.

Dubai at night

Dubai Marina. I thought it was really nice to be able to live here. If only the rents are not three times than what we pay for our apartment now. And the commute to work is three times as long!

Dubai Marina

The Palm Jumeirah with Atlantis The Palm at the far end.

Palm Jumeirah Dubai

And what would a Dubai photo collection be without including the iconic Burj Al Arab sitting on its own island?

Burj Al Arab Dubai

The daredevil Russian duo – relaxing like the angels in City of Angels (remember that Nicolas Cage movie?)


You can see the rest of  their breathtaking photos from

The Russian pair recently avoided serious penalties when they climbed the Pyramids in Egypt for a photo opportunity – the images can be seen here.


  1. I am giddy looking at the photos! 😀

    Thanks for that “City of Angels” line. I guess these tourists are “in the arms of an angel” while having these shots.



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