My blog friends and a little prayer request - Me and my online friends? We're real friends. We just have not met YET.

One of the most beautiful thing about blogging is meeting people. I’ve developed wonderful friendships because of blogging and some would ask, “but have you actually met them? How can you call them friends?”

Yes, I haven’t met most of them and they all reside in my computer but they are real people. Real people I connect through the comments on my own blog, my comments on theirs and the lots and lots of email exchanges and chats. Some I’m lucky to have met in person.

There’s Krista and Kayla, Kristin and Maribeth. There’s Cindy, Charlotte and Elizabeth. Lorie, Beth and Stacey, Hollie, Dominique and Moe in the US/Canada.

Melany, Wenchy and Jax – my three friends from South Africa.

Pamela, Sheila, Theresa, Meb, Mio, Abigail, Sandy, Christina, Raycillient, Edez + a lot more from Dubai.

Robin and Sarah in Israel.

And then there are others from other corners of the world who are yet to jump out in the comments and introduce themselves. Many more names I might have missed (sorry for that).

They are all real, they’re my friends. I’m more in love with blogging because of them.

Then there’s Tony – (I know that makes you think I have an Italian suitor but) he’s a 70 years young charming, intelligent man from far away land, who proclaims, “I don’t write much but you’ve got an old writer in your fan club!”

That makes me smile.

Tony started sending me emails in 2011 but said he had been reading my blog long before. He’s the most techie, I bet, in his generation as he sends me long emails (some typed from an iPhone!) mostly responding to what I write about my life in the Dubai and challenges as an expat mom, how he has Filipino friends back home and when I write about my children. Tony thinks I am blessed to have this two little humans in my life.

I do believe he is right.

A few days ago, Tony requested something along with his Happy Easter message: a prayer for his 10 year old niece Grace – the girl with the contagious smile who obviously holds Tony’s heart.

So, Grace, admirable namesake of my niece – and what a name you both have! – seeing that I’ve been reading Sandier Pastures from my greener ones for years and with all your blogs and your original ability to delight so many with what most would dismiss as mundane – COULD YOU, AND YOUR FRIENDS hold little Grace in your thoughts?  Jesus said he would always respond as asked, “When two or three or more of you are gathered in my name …”

Tony’s little Grace is suffering from LETM & ADEM, a rare encephalitis extending down her spine, linked with meningitis, prognosed to develop into neuromyelitis Optica if not MS – she has seizures, panic attacks, memory loss; her little brain gets hotspots all over it.

All those medical terms – it is all too much to digest.

So far, since her 6th birthday she has recovered from her attacks but current medical wisdom predicts puberty will quicken the onset of the disease.

This chronic illness is progressive unfortunately and usually takes children in their teens.

She has been in and out of the children’s hospital for years …two days ago she was readmitted having gone blind. She has regained a little sight which has encouraged the little lass but doctors [worldwide] say she can only get worse.

My heart is broken.

I’ve not been a good church goer (after living in non-Christian countries, Japan and the UAE – not an excuse but) but I do believe in the power of prayer.

So friends reading this post, can you please hold little Grace in your thoughts and prayers? Life is beautiful and little Grace (and all the children in the world) deserve to see and enjoy it to the fullest! Thank you.


    1. My friend Tony is the sweetest – he writes me the most wonderful ‘letters’ through emails. I can sense his sadness when he talked about his little Grace.

      Thanks for your prayers. God bless you.



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