When will Dubai install GPS in taxis?

Last night, I knew what running late does to me: it makes me speak out.

Normally, I’d be bitched upon and keep silent. I’m non-confrontational (to a fault) and I’m a sissy. I don’t want fights. So many sales people have violated customer rights on me and I don’t talk back. I walked away even when I got the “you’re fat” comment right in my face.

But last night was different – I bitched back!

I was running late using the Metro and miscalculating the travel time. Got out of the station and waited for taxi. Taxi came after what seems like forever. My friend and I finally sat down and I wanted to cry. I was running late. I hate being late.

Suddenly, while I was lost on my thoughts for about 20 seconds,

“So madame, where do we turn?”


We were in Dubai Marina, that other side of Dubai that I am not familiar with. You ask me the streets of Deira, I’d be happy to guide you. But asking me where to turn in the middle of Dubai Marina? I’m going to take the piss.

“Excuse me? You don’t know the way?”


“But I asked you – you know? and you said yes!”


That is like accusing me I have gone nuts.

“If you have told me you don’t know the way, I couldn’t have gone in your cab, dude! “You’re the taxi driver, you’re the one who’s supposed to know the way!”

Taxi driver, irritated: “But I am new! I said you know the way, you said you know the way.”

I bitched back and very surprised with myself, “No I did not say yes. Did you hear me say YES? No! You did not hear me say yes you just ASSUMED I said yes. I was staring outside, thinking I’m really, really late! But I did NOT ever say yes!”

“What to do now, madame?”

I fought the lump on my throat and trusted my instincts – asked him to go to the direction of Al Sufouh road. The Westin would be in that road.

The taxi driver whirled his way through the roads, still looking as lost as hell. And it started to rain. In Dubai rain comes like once in a blue moon. Like, literally so traffic started to pile up. Yes, little drizzle and traffic, that’s the way it is.

F*ckity, f*ckity f*ck f*ck f*ck.

Why do I always attract taxi drivers who seems to have just sat for work 10 seconds ago? I’ve have had bouts with weird taxi drivers but the newbies are the worst. A GPS system would be very convenient. I hope taxis install that soon!

Word of the wise: Ask the taxi driver if he knows where your destination is before hopping in.


    1. I do print maps just in case but from Dubai Marina metro station to The Westin Mina Al Seyahi, I thought it was no brainer, especially for a taxi driver from that area. So little did I know!



  1. Oh dear, these taxi drivers do not change! Hubby and I almost always end up arguing with the driver if we have to take a taxi. How could they not know most of the places in Dubai, when as I understand, they would have been driving for more than 3 years at least in UAE before they can be hired as taxi drivers! And it’s impossible too that before getting deployed, they didn’t have any tests to gauge their driving capabilities! Sigh…it’s all the goal of having easy money by pretending not to know and then taking you here and there so that your fare will be more and they reach their quota earlier. For that reason too that just in case, the phone I bring with me should have gps capabilities. Had used it to guide a driver already so that I’ll reach some places.



  2. I can totally relate! My patience gets tested lots of times with these drivers who are new. And then there are those who act like they’re new, go around in circles to look for the right street, and you end up paying much, much more than the usual fare.



    1. Whoa – I never thought of there will be drivers acting new so they can take you around in circles to make you pay more!! Shady!!



  3. Its really really terrible to be in a situation like that. I always bring a map on my phone so whenever the taxi driver’s lost, I can show it to him and find the way to my destination!



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