Beautiful Dubai beach

Open beach

How’s the weather from where you are? Here in Dubai, we’re feeling summer-y already! The early mornings and nights are still cool but midday has been warmer. We thought it’s time to hit the beach before it becomes a huge hot tub.

I missed going to the beach because after living here for a couple of years, the touristy feeling wore off and we became lazy bums on weekends. To think the beach is just a few minutes drive away!

Pristine was so ready and immediately run to the shore. Unfortunately, it wasn’t really the perfect beach weather: it was windy, the sea wasn’t calm and because I couldn’t jump in the water with her (plus the water was still too cold for a dip), she decided not to swim. (There are no life guards at the Jumeirah public open beach.)

Pristine Jumeirah 2

There were very few people in the water , everyone just sunbathed and strolled in the sand. And took jump shots.

Pristine in Jumeirah

And more jump shots.

Pristine jump shot

Benjamin, however had no idea what we were doing there. First, he didn’t want to let go. No matter what happens, this baby bear isn’t going down the tree! He is still afraid, as his first day at the beach last year.

Ben afraid

After an ample time of observing the things around, he was ok when I put him on the sand. But he did not let go of my hand. But imagine how terrifying the beach would be to an 16 month old Earthling?

Ben afraid of the beach

He didn’t know why the Earth was suddenly loose, for starters. He’s been walking for almost six months now, very well on firm ground and suddenly, losing balance? This is unacceptable, mama!

Ben hates sand

And this…this water is insane! Why does it keep on coming then going? Coming, going, coming, going. Mama, it’s making me dizzeh! And I don’t like what the wind does to my hair. See?

Ben at the beach

Dear water, can you make up your mind, please?

Ben at the beach

But like everything in the toddler world: conquer time comes. This is the face of conquer time.

Ben at the beach

We had a nice time although it was more like, “hey we’ve wet our knees already, let’s go home!” type of outing. I hope when we go back next week or the next, the weather is better and we can actually swim.

Pristine and Ben

So much for the kiddos – That day marked something for me – no it wasn’t the day I went to the beach in a bikini.

It was the first time in my six years of living here to drive all the way to Jumeirah! All. By. Myself. I even conquered my fear: I drove through Sheikh Zayed Road! Woo Hoo!! I suddenly felt so grown up!

BUT, it was Friday morning when 90% of the people are still in bed by 9 am so maybe it’s not counted?


  1. Even though the water was still a wee bit cold for swimming and the wind looks like it was pretty fierce, I’m sitting here looking out my snowy window (AGAIN) and sending lots of envy to you and the kiddies!!

    It just doesn’t seem to want to stop snowing here in Illinois o.O

    Hopefully Spring comes SOON here!



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