200kph speeders to be penalized

Two years imprisonment. DHS10,000 fine or both for 200kph speeders.

That’s what you will get if you drive endangering your own life and most of all, the lives of others. The new policy is being implemented in Dubai but nationwide enforcement will be discussed later.

With so many highways without curves, reckless drivers abound thinking they’re characters of a video game. Only, there are no three time chances or tokens in exchange of lives lost. One mistake and it’s game over.

This step is in the right direction to curb drivers with no respect for life. Never mind their own most definitely they have a death wish at this kind of speed but more often than not, speeding claims other innocent lives too.

My father was nearly killed in an accident in 2011 when a motorist hit him at a service road. Obviously, the driver who hit him was driving at a speed faster than what is required in service roads. The culprit was caught (there were witnesses) but because we didn’t file a case (my father was no longer here as his visa expired and it was difficult for him to come to Dubai again, physically and mentally) the police closed the case and the driver only fined 2,000 dirhams (US$540) . It’s unacceptable that danger driving only costed someone 2,000 dirhams. What is that amount for rich brats here? I hope they tackle these cases of hit and run next – even if the victim survives, hit and run is deliberate and leaving the victim to die is nothing short of  equivalent to murder.

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