Dubai as others see it

seagulls in creek

I came across a blog post called 7 Great Things About Dubai at Leah Travels blog, written by Kristin Shaw of Two Cannoli.

It’s interesting to read stories written by people fascinated about Dubai during their visit here. It kind of lets me see this amazing city in another perspective because when you’ve lived in a foreign place long enough to call it home, you get used to the ‘wonderful’ things.

According to Kristin,

Imagine a cross between Disneyworld, Monaco, and Las Vegas. Now imagine that combination times ten, and you have Dubai. It’s all of the superlatives in the world in one glittery, sparkling, one-of-a-kind place.

Wow, after so many years here, at times, everything becomes vanilla. Another big mall? Shrugs shoulders. The tallest hotel opens? Ok then, move along. A new artificial island? Rolls eyes.

After a bit of time here, I see the Dubai with normal people – expats who work hard under the sun and probably, have not even been inside the glitzy malls.

merchants at the creek

You explore places not featured in the travel mags and meet people who do not know how to speak English. It’s a pretty diverse place.

At the Heritage Village

Have read about Dubai in a glossy travel magazine?  Dubai is more than the malls, indoor ski resorts and expensive hotels. Thankfully, there are old places and things kept unchanged.


For example, you can race with the luxury cars crossing the creek via the bridges on this wooden boat (you cross the other side of the creek for 1 dirham only). The posh cars will win of course but you pocket the unforgettable experience and get to smell the salty sea air, feel the air blowing on your face and look ahead and imagine what Dubai must look like before all the monies poured in.


Burl Al Arab from afar

Far ahead, the world’s tallest building rises up from the desert sand, dwarfing the other skyscrapers around it. That’s new Dubai living up to the tagline, “the center of NOW”.

When I get emails like, “I’m having a long layover in Dubai, what do you suggest I see?” (I get a LOT of emails like this) I point them to the Dubai Mall/ Burj Khalifa area where you can see the biggest mall, the tallest building, the biggest fountain and aquarium. The tourist would not sue me for time wasted!

But if you have more time than a layover I would suggest you go see the old part of Dubai. It’s charming and I don’t get tired of going there.

Dubai – where the scenic very modern infrastructures, the women in skimpy bikinis at Jumeirah Beach, the alcohol at the hotels, makes you  forget that this is the Middle East… until the call to prayer from the mosques reminds you it is.


  1. One day I definitely hope to visit Dubai and I’d be more than happy to play the tourist role. My dream is to go and visit any and everywhere I can actually.

    But I understand that if you live in a certain place for long enough, it’s like second nature.



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