Revisiting old Dubai

It’s been a while since I featured the old part of Dubai – the part stripped off the famous Dubai glitz and glamor but is glorious in its own way. I love this part of the city, maybe more than I love the other side but alas after six years, I found myself rather staying put instead of going with friends or family wanting to visit old Dubai.

I kind of missed it.

I miss the smell of salt water of the creek, the ramblings of the vendors in the souks, the tourists clutching maps and taking photos. The general atmosphere of old Dubai is charming.

It’s interesting what you can find in the markets at Deira. I wonder if anyone still wears these kind of shoes or they are just for souvenirs/decors?

Colorful plates abound!

Look at these lamps and tell me they’re not beautiful. They exude mystery, uniqueness they’re almost magical to look at.

Oh and these, I don’t know what these are and the vendor was busy selling something to a haggling (really persistent) customer so I did not have the chance to ask. What do you think?

These photos were taken by a friend wandering around the old markets. I really need to pick up my dusty old camera, go out more and take photos. It’s really been a while and looking at these treasures, I think I have missed a lot of things!

I want to wander around and see Dubai in tourist’s eyes again.


  1. Nice pics! Those shoes reminds me of Arabian tales illustrations. They’d look god too when worn with traditional dresses worn by the locals 🙂 I think the last photo is that of incense sticks holders. Somewhere I remember seeing someone had lit an incense stick and kept it to a jar similar to those in the pic. The ones you photographed are much more beautiful though…no wonder the haggling was “fierce”! 😀



  2. Nice photos. I still go in that area but not seeing it as a tourist would. Maybe I should do that one weekend. (only if Oscar the Grouch aka the hubs would agree… 🙂



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