How to juice a pomegranate?

I need to Google: How to juice pomegranate without looking like a murder victim.

Because every time I juice a pomegranate, I end up looking like a scene from a horror movie. Every. Freaking. Time.

Buy bottled, you say? No…! Fresh pomegranate juice is a world away from the bottled stuff!

These ruby red round heavily seeded fruit, called “anar” is aplenty here. And I can’t, for the life of me, understand why I only bought it now. FIVE years of my fruit-juice-drinking life has gone to waste! Baby Ben loves fresh fruit juices so I take effort in taking out the seeds, squirting blood red juice on myself (and all over the kitchen counter) and then crush it with spoon on a strainer (and splatter more blood red juice again).

It’s a tedious job but every drop is worth it. But then again, I want to know other ways to do it, preferably less messy. Some suggested to put everything in the blender, including the seeds, blend it and strain. Somehow, crushing the seeds sounds so unsexy. I bet it will make the juice a bit bitter too.

So folks, do you like pomegranate? Do you have tips on how to juice it effectively?


  1. Oh trust me, our kitchen counters, walls, utensils, bowls, etc have looked quite bloody plenty of times; we’re bit pomegranate fans as well 🙂

    We’ve never tried actually juicing one before, so I’m afraid I can’t help with that part!



  2. Such a funny image you have painted (painted, get it?). Anyhooo, I have not juiced a pomegranate, although I do eat them regularly. I have two in the fridge with my name on it. Last week I made a smoothie with one for the first time (do I need to say with no skin?), well I decided to add it to my green smoothie to be different. The seeds blended up surprisingly well. I want to make another one without the greens but haven’t had the chance yet. I hope you find a better way to get the juice.



  3. i don’t usually juice Pomegranate, we just eat them at that ;)this post made me go to youtube to search for the best way to juice ’em, but yeah, most of them use the blender to get those juice.



  4. If you haven’t heard this already… I’ve seen people peel and separate the seeds in a bowl with their hands and the fruit underwater. That way it can’t squirt anywhere. That wouldn’t work for the actual juicing, but at least for the first half!



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