Old couple holding hands

I dash out of the house to join the other corporate slaves in the morning rush to the train station. I’m oblivious to the things around me because I have one sole mission: to get that train on time. Then I saw them a few meters ahead of me.

We look at couples and realize we are all just on the outside and can never know what goes on in relationships other than our own. But this? This says a lot about their relationship. I walked faster and saw that they were holding hands. He walks very slowly to time with her pace. How many years have they been married?

They make me believe that love can and does last. When was the last time you held your spouse’s hands?


  1. That’s true love – one that is tested through time. Lovely picture, Grace.

    I held my spouse’s hand this morning on the way to work. We’re the touchy types, who’d still hold hands despite having an argument, lol. Both Masood and I work in the same office, so it’s like him and me 24/7.



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