Pristine is nine!

Nine years ago today, I got the most beautiful gift. Two days before Christmas, God gave me her. Christmas 2003 was one of the busiest Christmas in my life but one I will cherish forever: being a mom for the first time.

Gone are the days when our daughter Pristine Akari was a small baby whose whole body I can scoop around in my arms and snug into my chest. She has become a little lady – just look at these photos!

Today on her birthday, Pristine is wearing two dresses from our friends at Margarite from Spain – they are an exclusive brand for children’s wear where you can find romantic designs with a sophisticated modern touch. Here, Pristine is wearing two dresses from the Autumn-Winter 2012 Collection. Dress #1 is a plain flannel dress in peplum style and dress #2 is an embroidered all-over sequined dress. It’s quite flashy, she looked good in it but Pristine loved dress #1 more.

We will have a small, simple celebration at home and she has invited like 10 kids from school. They all said YES! but no one has called up to confirm except two of her closest buddies. It is a normal work day in Dubai today (Sunday) so working parents might not be able to drop off their child to our place, school is off so some of her friends might have gone to spend Christmas in their home countries. I can only guess how many will show up later. I’m not betting on more than five!


  1. Pretty pretty girl, happy birthday! 😉

    On a side note, I want to have a Christmas baby next time, but… I can’t imagine being confined when everyone’s having fun! Plus the baby will get only one gift for birthday and Christmas. 😦



    1. It’s tough for Christmas birthday kids or near Christmas like Pristine because school is off so some friends could not come to her birthday celebration.

      We give her two gifts a day apart from each other – one for her birthday and one for Christmas. Secretly, I wish her birthday should have been the 24th, that way, we only get to cook once (for her bday and for noche buena!). Now we are always stuck with having some leftovers for Christmas eve!



      1. Awwww. 😦 But at least it’s tipid. Haha. Kidding. 🙂 What kinds of food do you cook for Pristine’s birthday celebration? Filipino food, Emirati food, Japanese food or all of the above? 🙂

        Hahaha! 😀 Oh well, just make the Noche Buena early, so you’ll still have NB food on the 24th. 🙂 Sort of like two days Noche Buena. I do hope baby B and Pristine will get to experience Christmas here in Pinas. 🙂


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