Red carpet experience at the Dubai International Film Festival

I love this place. This must be one of the places I’d always take any visiting friends and family. I won’t care if it’s a tourist trap or the ‘fake souk’ sells expensive things (we won’t be buying anyway). The place is beautiful. It offers a lot of photo opportunities for everyone.

We were at Madinat Jumeirah for a Dubai International Film Festival event. It’s far from where we live but a visit is always worth it. Sadly, the event only allows children from 4 years old and above so we have to leave little Benjamin at home. He would have loved the place too.

Madinat Jumeirah is picture perfect with Dubai’s current weather. The majestic Burj Al Arab can be seen as a backdrop from the lush greenery and emerald green (mad made) waters.

Wooden boats – ‘would be’ abras that take people around the man-made lake:

The place is in a festive mood with Christmas trees –¬† it’s ok to put up Christmas trees in public here in the UAE even if this is a Muslim country, did you know that?

We went there with my lovely sister. This photo reminds me that I could look like this if I lose weight. *cough*

…or putting it in another perspective, she could look like me if she gained! Now, that is scary! And I bet she has the potential because this? She totally dig these kind of stuff.

You don’t believe me? Here’s proof!

Ah, skinny people eating dessert like it’s nobody’s business!

The good PR people invited us to lunch which I could only sum up as: Oh-my-God-this-is-so-good-I-don’t-know-how-to-spell-diet-anymore. Needless to say that with that pile of dessert, I already know what’s on top of my list for New Year’s resolutions. As always.

After lunch, we’re on to the red carpet. Pristine wasn’t feeling well with sudden surge of 40C fever (where did that come from?) but she was such a rock star!

Our walk on the red carpet to the theatre. So…this is how it feels like to be a Hollywood star? LOL

It’s not clear in the photos but I was wearing a Steve Madden court/platform shoes (for the first time – the highest heels in my entire life). My feet wanted to sue me. It wanted to punch me in the face. Who invented these stuff? It can be a tool for torture! I feel my toes burning with pain. But I see celebrities and normal, fashionistas wearing it all the time and they look happy – like me when I’m barefoot and in my yoga pants at home. How come? Is it just me?

Thankfully, I already imagined how I’d manage with heels (I can’t) so I brought flats. My feet love flats like Romeo loves Juliet. They should be together, come what may or it could end in death!

We saw the children’s movie, Journey to the Christmas Star – it’s a film entry from Norway, dubbed in English. It’s a great Christmas movie. Simple story but who needs a complicated plot to please the children?

All in all, it was a great experience and it’s something I look forward to doing again in the coming years – watching the movie entries at the Dubai International Film Festival. There were a lot of movies I wanted to watch, like the entries from Japan and the Philippines. Too bad my schedule did not allow.

So next year to DIFF it is, with comfortable shoes!


  1. I love Madinat Jumerah too. I know its touristy and modern but it gives a little bit of local flavour. Nice to have something that looks a little bit arabian and not all western.
    ps. Well done on the shoes, I have to put my feet through similiar torture tomorrow for a christmas night out. They are already protesting!



  2. Madinat Jumeirah really is one of the most beautiful places around here.

    There were so many films I was looking forward to watch but yes, schedule didn’t allow it. I really wanted to take advantage of the student discounts. Maybe next year!



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