It’s the tourist season again in Dubai

Dubai weather is perfect at this time of the year. It even rains – there is no tinge of irony in this. It’s actually a good thing because you’ll get to see something very rare. When it rains while you’re visiting Dubai, consider yourself lucky – you’ll see people actually celebrating rain outside. I believe it only happens here!

So, with the perfect weather comes the best season to spend time outside and enjoy unbroken blue skies and the weather that’s neither too hot nor too cold. And no snow! And this: beach time in December!

While taking the train last weekend and passed by Airport Terminal 1 and 3 stations, I saw a deluge of tourists coming out of the arrival building. Yes, it’s that time of the year when Dubai welcomes visitors from all over the world. Some are tourists on a group tour package, some are relatives and friends visiting expats living here. We’ve had friends who came in December for the past years and they all went back to their winter wonderlands wishing they packed Dubai’s sunshine and took it home!

We will be welcoming visitors again this month. That means time to get busy looking for Dubai hotels at the best price, I’ve been instructed! I have two groups of friends coming from Europe for a short visit in the next few days. With different hotel budgets and number of stays, I’ve been going through a lot of hotel reviews online which will suit them best.

So I have a question for all of you: If you are a traveler, would you rather choose a budget hotel to stay in (it’s only for sleep and your body is exhausted from all the touring anyway to distinguish a superior bed and a so-so) and spend money on something else or are you the type to never compromise hotel stays no matter how short, the sort of always choosing higher star hotels for comfort/luxury?

7 thoughts on “It’s the tourist season again in Dubai

  1. Cheap hotels – must have bed space for everyone in the room, bathroom with a door (curtain isn’t good enough), and no bugs

    Unfortunately when my husband books hotels, I constantly have to remind him of my high standards or I end up disappointed.


  2. Before my husband and I moved to Malta we came on vacation for a few weeks and went with a budget hotel. Our friends joked that it was the hotel where old people came on holiday to die lol. It was definitely not anything fancy, mostly old people staying at the hotel too- but for us we were on a budget and would rather spend the money elsewhere. Afterall- we just needed a place to sleep. It was clean & super basic but did the job. I think i’d prefer something in the middle next holiday though 🙂


  3. I can definitely tell you right now a trip to Dubai would definitely be welcomed! Although I guess I shouldn’t complain because Illinois is having unseasonably warm weather as of late. It’s not going to last too long though o.O

    To answer your question, I’m all about experience so I’d rather stay in a so-so hotel and spend the money on touristy things.


  4. Tell me about it! I was at Madinat Jumeirah last Saturday and the entrance was nearly blocked by all the big tour buses! They just kept coming.

    I don’t travel to other countries much but when we go on stay-cations I go for budget hotels, or those where I have Entertainer vouchers for, rather than fancy and 7-star rated hotels. I’d rather spend money on food and adventure.

    Have you tried They usually have great rates for hotels.


  5. Being a resident of UAE the one thing I love (among the many things) is that the country has cheap yet pretty comfortable hotels to offer. I would go for the cheaper ones – just clean, comfortable bed and clean bathrooms! Why spend so much on luxury hotels?


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