Easy peasy Origami Advent Calendar

Yes, I am not done with blabbing about the Advent Calendar project (I made two – one is the Christmas cone Advent Calendar) but I promise this is the last. We have a lot of origami papers at home so I thought I’d make little origami pockets and insert small cards with scriptures from the Bible telling the Christmas story. Pristine would love that. In fact I realized, I have not told her the real story behind Christmas. Bad mother.

Pristine and I decided we’ll form a tree out of the 24 little origami pockets we made. It was a bit difficult for me to arrange the pockets to form a tree and I kept on arranging and rearranging, my 8 year old did this!

And in lieu of a Christmas tree this year,

I would really, really love to have a Christmas tree filled with red and gold baubles and white lights I saw at Home Centre (they are having a massive sale right now, by the way) but with a one year old baby in the house, I pity the tree. We have a small one up on a table and still he tries to reach it at least one hundred times a day.


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