Advent Calendar Project 2012

Knowing myself, I can’t believe I did this.

Don’t raise your eyebrows, it is nothing grand but such a feat for someone like me. I pat my own back for this. If we are friends and you know me and my clumsy, non-crafty ways, have known me through ooops moments like cutting my own school skirt while cutting paper (don’t ask! Those are the few mysterious mistakes I make), you would never believe I went to complete this advent calendar project in record time (2 days!).

My Advent Calendar project 2012 – surprise treats inside the cones

But if you really, really know me, you would also know how when I want something done, I’d go through heaven and hell and won’t stop until I’m done, no matter how long it takes me to. Or no matter what the outcome becomes. I just have to try. After being acquainted to these Advent Calendars very recently, I know I had to do it – never mind I would probably cry, sweat and bleed. Or miss a few baths. Bleh.

Confession time: I get jealous with moms who make beautiful things.

I don’t give a shit at stories of momshells wearing skinny jeans 2 weeks after delivering their little humans. Of moms in complete makeup and heels pushing prams at the grocery store. I don’t feel too bad that I am not in that category.

But those moms who make perfect Do-It-Yourself arts and crafts for their children? Those moms who sew cute clothes or decorate their house with little trinkets of wonderful things? I sulk when I think of them. And then I sulk harder when I think of my children who would probably never let out oooohs and aaaahhhs at DIY toys, applique shirts and frosted cupcakes. These things make me feel inadequate. Not mom enough. Sometimes I get depressed looking at the fabulous DIY powers of The Nester, the couple at Young House Love or the simply elegant stuff at A Beach Cottage.  But I keep looking anyway because I love to see beautiful stuff and see my house similarly like theirs…probably in my next life.

My project is imperfect (so don’t look closely) but it’s done with too big an effort for someone like me. My daughter Pristine is amused and she had fun helping me with this. That for me is good enough. My mission is done. But still, when God recycles me in the next lifetime, I pray to be Martha Stewart (ok, maybe minus the jail time and crazy eyes).

Do you ever wish you were crafty (if you are, like me, who’s not!) ?

* This is one of the Advent Calendar I made. Yes, I got ape crazy and made two. Not recommended!

10 thoughts on “Advent Calendar Project 2012

    • You know, now that you mentioned it – I always wonder why there are some houses that look like no one lives there. Not one thing out of place! My house looks like a battalion of soldiers lives there!!

      I also like to do some crafts if only I had the time.


  1. Nalingaw ko ani grace kay maka relate kaau ko! hahahah… himo himo giyod ko og props ni josh- ana dayon si joseph: ‘My nagbayad na lang unta ka. gipahimo nimo sa isa ka mga tita or mama sa skul” hahaha!… pero seriously, nice work grace for a start! 🙂 Nka bonding pa mo ni pristine.


    • Joker kaayo imong bana!! Maki has not said anything about my attempt at crafting. In fact, he was soo keen on documenting it – he took a lot of photos of me working because it is very rare!!


  2. I think these are great! You did a wonderful job 🙂 I like to think I’m crafty but when it comes to actually making things, the quality is just not there and that frustrates me. My sister-in-law is one of those anything she touches turns to gold types and it makes me sick lol in a good way because she’s amazing and her crafts are amazing too. I know how you feel though, seeing all these super crafty ladies that make it look so easy. If only I had an ounce of their natural crafiness lol.


    • Thanks!

      I have given up on the ‘quality’ thing because I am always choked on time. 😦

      Maybe I’ll work on that when I retire hehehe


  3. Your advent calendar is great!

    Just curious, exactly what did you put inside it?

    I have attempted to make (my own) advent calendar but can’t think of anything to put inside it, as kids are suppose to open it up and see what’s inside, as they are counting down to Christmas.


    • THANK YOU!

      I’ve put inside sorts of things – like little arts and crafts things (cute stamps, little notes, scented erasers, etc), then maybe 5 of those are sweet treats, others are notes with clues as to where the little gift is, then there’s 1 where it says “You got a dollar today!” and then activities like “Mom gets to read your favorite Christmas story book tonight” or “You can nap as long as you like after school” (her naps are usually until an hour only. I did not take note of the things I’ve put into the cones so I will be surprised myself!


  4. You know, perfect is SO overrated! The thing that matters most is that you wanted to do this, you took steps to complete this, and most importantly, you wanted to do this for your kids, which makes you a pretty awesome non-crafty mom in my opinion 🙂

    Those imperfections make your advent calendar project even better!



    This is absolutely amazing! It looks perfect to me because it has been made with love and that is priceless. I can’t wait to see what treats you have in there.

    Everyone has a creative side to them – you’ve found yours.

    Hope to see you at a Stitch & B*tch DXB social crafting soon! Advent calendars today… the sky’s the limit!


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