November exited with grandeur – RAIN!

I told you it would rain in November. It always did for the past six Novembers that we’ve been here! Today is the last day of the month and November decided she’ll leave with an impression: RAIN!! I’m not talking of little spits of tiny raindrops that don’t even last for five minutes. I’m talking of real deal, proper rain – like how it is in the normal world! It has not rained hard like this ever!

Being a desert area, rain is very, very rare that my son only knew what rain is 13 months after he was born. So what happens when it rains in Dubai? Not only in lands in the news but it gets people excited – we go out, we stare at the sky (and wish it would last longer and longer) and children and adults alike go out and get wet!

My very ecstatic daughter called up her friends who I bet were still sleeping that time (it’s a Friday, a typical lie-in day for most of us here in the UAE) and asking them to go out and dance in the rain!

Here’s another video taken just outside our building. Dubai being a city NOT built to withstand heavy rains, the side of the street was immediately filled with gush of flood waters. Our balcony was flooded too as the small drainage hole was filled and choked with sand!

It’s always a joy when it rains here. We’re so lucky it did on a Friday too so we can all go outside, not trapped in our offices and wish we were outside. I wish of more days like this in the remaining ‘winter’ months!


  1. Oh man, when it rains it POURS! We don’t often get those kinds of torrential downpours here in the states, but when we do I enjoy running out and dancing in it just the way your daughter did, or so it seems from those pictures ^.^

    Rain can be so freeing!



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