The Advent Calendar challenge

It’s like my previous post sucked out all the energy in me that I have declared myself unavailable to blog. No. Reality is that, I have been swamped with work, lots and lots of work because a work colleague is leaving the company and there will be no replacement. We have to suck it all up and divide his work duties among ourselves.

And also, I have been hiding under the rock in an attempt to be as crafty as I can trying to do an Advent Calendar project for my daughter. I’ve just been acquainted to this Advent Calendar thing recently – a very creative and fun way (especially for bright eyed children) to count the days down to Christmas.

Photo credit

Each box numbered 1-25 has a surprise treat inside for your child to open one at a time until Christmas day (some until Christmas eve).

When I saw this 20 Creative Advent Calendar ideas – all I can think of was go home and do it, do it, do it!! My daughter looked at her restless mother and thought where her real mother had gone. There’s a long three day weekend ahead of us starting tomorrow and really, this is something a working mother would wish for: longer weekend and doing something memorable, beautiful and meaningful with her children!

(I am posting beautiful and sophisticated advent calendars but making a really simple one involving the Japanese art of folding paper: origami)


  1. You HAVE to post a picture of YOUR origami advent calender when you’ve got it all done! I think that’s totally awesome ^.^

    My sister and I have done the advent calendar thing since we were little but it was always the store bought one with little chocolates in them.

    I’m sure Pristine will love whatever you do with it though 🙂



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