It’s my birthday today

Original post below on the morning of my birthday, before I encountered server issues that did not allow me to post at all, and temporarily, wiped off my blog from the internet.

My husband got off from work early so we can have dinner out, with the kids (yes, including the baby). I even got little trinkets of surprises, a bookmark and a key holder, the little things I need. He knows those little things.


It could be that I am re-reading that Stephen Covey book. It could be that I lack sleep due to a sick baby who don’t wan to lie down and prefer my arms and the rocking chair instead of the bed. This could also be because of too much work load lately. Or the fact that I have passed the mid-30’s and I am nearer to 40 now.

Or maybe even an early mid-life crisis?

It’s my birthday today and I am sort of on the low side of my moods. I don’t have anything planned. In fact, I am at work and after this, I’ll be taking the train home, meet the clingy baby that almost always object that I sit down for dinner, check the other kid’s homework and ready both for bed.

What does “many returns of the day” even mean? I’ve been greeted that by people I know who know that it is my birthday. I told a friend that my husband will probably come late from work, like 10pm. And she said, “So? After that you’ll go have dinner? You’ll go to the mall?”

Tsk, tsk, tsk very invalid questions not applicable for me.

It’s Friday tomorrow and it’s our “weekend” here. Still I don’t have anything planned. Maybe some of my cousins will come and we’ll cook something and just lounge the house playing lazy-day. When did I ever stop celebrating my birthday? Funny, I used to love blowing birthday candles.

And from among the greeting I got, one stood out from my friend Rose that says,

I pray that despite wanting to grow more in many areas, you are happy and contented.

I didn’t need to take a moment to say that yes, I am happy. I am contented. See? Why wouldn’t I be?

I’m just really going through this awful phase of the birthday blues. And yes, the three consecutive sleepless nights have taken its toll. Oh and I also got a very heartwarming birthday message from my sister- something that I did not expect. Let’s just say she made me cry in a most wonderful kind of way.


  1. Maybe it is a little postpartum blues too. I think you can have post baby blues up to them being 2 years old. You see, hormones are tricky like that.
    I am so happy today is your birthday! I met you years back now, I have seen you expand your family, and I have seen what a wonderful mother you are! Not to mention, a good friend!
    Happy Birthday, Grace! Sending many hugs, and wishes for many more Happy Birthdays!!!



    1. OMG, post-partum blues!! I had when Pristine was a baby and don’t want to revisit that part of my past!

      Happy birthday to you too MB. I know you had your birthday a few days back! Thanks always for the kind words.



  2. Happy, happy birthday to my fellow November baby! I’m sorry to hear that you were kind of blue for your special day, but like you said, a few days without sleep will definitely alter your mood o.O

    I actually didn’t have anything planned either and wasn’t really excited for my birthday up until the day of and it turned out pretty good.

    Regardless, I still hope you had a lovely day with your family!



    1. Hi Kayla, fellow November baby!! 🙂
      Thanks for the greetings. Generally, the day turned out fine. It was so hard to eat dinner out with the baby in tow though!



  3. Beautiful family!

    Happy Birthday, Grace! May you continue to be blessed.

    P.S. I am a a February girl and i do get really depressed on days around my birthday. In fact when I turned 30 two years ago, I spent the whole night crying for reasons i don’t know hahah! just thinking about these days is so silly. And I think I was 10 years old when i last blew a birthday candle.



  4. Belated Happy Birthday Ms. Grace!

    Honestly, I’ve been wondering how does your Hubby look like….since i subscribed to your blog i haven’t seen any photo of him until today 🙂

    You really got a beautiful family…..



    1. Hi…now you know how my hubby looks like. It seems to have taken a small mystery from this blog 🙂

      Thank you for the birthday greetings!



  5. A very happy birthday to you, Grace! Those little gifts end up being the most precious ones. The family picture is very lovely; Pristine is quite a photogenic little lady.

    Oh, and about feeling blue. Perhaps you need a take a much-deserved relaxing break from work and daily routine.



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