Clouds in November

I love Dubai in November. This is my 6th November and I love it, still. Dubai is hot – the kind of hot that sends people on exodus every summer. The kind of hot that wipes out all outdoor activities. But in November? Dubai redeems itself in November.

The summer heat and the gray, ugly hazy sky is gone, replaced with this. Dubai is beautiful now and in the coming winter months (until early March?). It follows the Goldilocks rule: not hot nor cold but just right!

Yesterday, the clouds were just beautiful. I wanted to go straight to the park, spread the mat and just lie down stare at the sky.

When afternoon came – the clouds got bigger and darker. A sign of rain coming soon?

Speaking of rain, we have not been lucky so far. Would you like to take a guess when we’ll have our first rain of the season? Leave your guess date here!

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