Predict Dubai’s first rain of the season 2012

You know what November means for us desert dwellers? Cooler, nicer weather and RAIN! I started a poll in 2009 to let my readers predict the first rain of the season. Rain comes to Dubai only on the cooler months between November to March. The last time it rained here this year was March (I think) but yeah, we have been very dry for quite a while.

So, when do you think we Dubaians will get our first drop of rain of the season?

Predict a date and win a prize! Here are the rules:

  1. Pick a date from today, 5th November onto the 30th (I’m pretty sure it’ll rain before the end of this month so I didn’t include December)
  2. Leave a comment with your date of choice (your bet Dubai’s going to have the first rain of the season). If you leave your blog URL in the comment form, I’ll link to it.
  3. This post will be updated with the names of the commentors as they come in.
  4. You can pick any one date but I’ll open the bets to three people per day only. Once three people have picked a day, that day will be closed.
  5. When the skies open up and we get rain here, with the road getting wet – the road has to get wet so a 10 second drizzle isn’t counted, then I’ll announce the winner(s)! Naturally, once it rains, this contest will be closed.
  6. I will update all of you of the weather via Twitter, so if you are on there be sure to follow me – @sandierpastures on Twitter.

I’ll include a news clip/article for evidence – rain in Dubai always land in the news so you’ll know this game is fair. ;-)

The prize will be $30 cash via PayPal or if you do not have a PayPal account, an equivalent Amazon gift certificate or if you’re from UAE, a 100 dhs gift certificate to Kinokuniya bookstore is yours!

* This contest is open worldwide.

Now hit the comments with your bets!

  1. November 5 –
  2. November 6 –
  3. November 7 –
  4. November 8 –
  5. November 9 – Christina Cosa (entry received through email), Ghadeer
  6. November 10 –
  7. November 11 –
  8. November 12 – Erika
  9. November 13 –
  10. November 14 –
  11. November 15 – ilen
  12. November 16 –
  13. November 17 –
  14. November 18 – Jessica
  15. November 19 –
  16. November 20 –
  17. November 21 –
  18. November 22 –
  19. November 23 – Christina, Cindy Brooks
  20. November 24 –
  21. November 25 – Abigail @ Nappy Tales, Virgini Shan (entry received through email)
  22. November 26 –
  23. November 27 – m
  24. November 28 – FlippedGarfield (entry received via Twitter)
  25. November 29 – Marcy, anthony peterson
  26. November 30 – Maura

Someone called Iris voted for December 6.

The prize is not much but wouldn’t it be fun if it rains on the date you think it will? Good luck and wish us rain, soon! 🙂

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