And off he goes to walk!

He turns one in a few days but he has the energy of a three year old. Only a short while ago, he was holding on to furniture, cruising carefully one little step at a time. Now he would take 4-5 steps on his own and stumble but he never gives up. His eyes light up whenever I clap my hands and praise his little (big) milestone with high pitched mommy voice.

Wasn’t it just yesterday when he tried to sit down? Now my little boy is ready to take over the world.


  1. yes, they grow up too fast and mummy is finding it hard to catch up sometimes. I find myself going back to all the pictures back when my baby was still a baby and cant believe it’s really been a year and a half already. Your little Benjamin is really am a go getter and certainly just like mommy say’s “ready to take over the world” hehehe 🙂



  2. I so envy you! Your kid can now walk mine’s still a baby. How old is he now? He’s very cute and cuddly. You must be a very proud parent. Does he have any sibling? Are you planning to have another one cute human being?




    1. >> Are you planning to have another one cute human being?
      Aww, this is probably the best comment I received in this blog!

      The answer, sadly, is no, not anymore. I have a boy and a girl now and happy with them and plan to spend my time taking care of them and myself. I would like to have a full restful sleep every night when the baby grows up a bit so yeah, no more babies for me.

      To answer your other questions, yes, he has a sibling, a sister who’s turning 9 years old. The baby turned one two days ago on the 28th October.



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