Arabic Day at school in the UAE

Pristine has Arabic day at school today where they’ll have Arabic reading (for non-Arabs), singing and she get to wear the abaya, the black robe for Arab/Muslim woman with matching headscarf. She loves Arabic and has been working really hard on her lessons. She reads, writes and speaks it.

She’s wearing this abaya, like once or twice a year for festival in school for 5 years now but I still always mess up with putting the headscarf. I think I will never get to perfect it ever.


  1. Hi Grace, I agree it’s kinda difficult fixing the veil. One way to make it easy is a wide headband. Put the headband and tie her hair back. Pin one side of the veil to the headband, and another pin to the other side of the head as well. Wrap the veil around her face, then secure it (preferably the side having decoration as most veils are) one more time with pin. Pristine looks lovely in abaya! 🙂



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