Driving on Sheikh Zayed Road {A question of when}

This past weekend, I made taxi drivers rich.

I am not even a fan of taking the taxi because some (read: most) drivers speed, swerve, or declare “it’s my first day of work, Madam” and make you their personal GPS. Some drivers are just plain crazy, thinking the taxi is a karaoke box. But seriously because they’re not cheap than say, taking the Metro or driving your own car.

But at the back of my mind, I hear whispers: “You better shell out a few $$ than die.” or “Money – you can find it again but you’ve got only one life”. Whoever whispers me these things win. Always.

CONFESSION: I am a weakling (when it comes to driving highways and unfamiliar roads + bad at direction so there you go).

Almost six years in Dubai and I have not driven in Sheikh Zayed Road – ok, once when I attempted to be brave (but failed) and missed an exit more than once. That was the end of it! So yeah, I’ve been on Sheikh Zayed Road but only until Dubai Mall, not all the way to say, Jumeirah or Mall of the Emirates. No way – maybe when I ‘grow’ up.

FOLLOW UP CONFESSION: I am so jealous of moms who shoots through the mighty highway even with kids at the back. Super moms like my friend @busymommydxb.

For now, I’ve decided I’d be cool being called coward, sissy, faint hearted and money waster {I hear myself talking to myself with these words!}. At least I know, I will be alive at the end of the day. But I still cringe at the taxi bills I paid!

6 thoughts on “Driving on Sheikh Zayed Road {A question of when}

  1. Trust me, it’s not that bad!
    I was the largest scaredy-cat ever. But as soon as I got my driver’s license my mother forced me to drive on Sheikh Zayed Road and build up confidence. It’s important to know defence driving (taking other cars’ mistakes into account). Once you try it out a couple of times, it’s no big deal. Ask me- I used to be scared of driving at 20 on a deserted road and now I’m driving from Sharjah to Knowledge Village!


  2. I agree with Ghadeer; it’s really not that bad. The day I bought my car, the next thing I got myself was a GPS with the latest map of the UAE. Having the GPS on while driving gives me so much confidence to drive anywhere.


  3. am scared in driving at Sheikh Zayed Road too, had my license since 2005 but till now I don’t have to courage to drive in that place, am scared kasi baka ma miss ko ang exit. I wanted to go to Dubai Mall with my 1 year old daughter last year to purchase a Snorkeling Ticket at Dubai Aquarium as a birthday gift for my husband, instead to driving there, I took the metro 🙂


  4. I know how to drive, but personally prefer commuting. I fear for my life every time I get on the roads here, whether inside the hubs’ car or on the taxi. Drivers are just crazy!


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