11 month old refusing breast milk (in bottle)

Ok – there’s something strange going on at the house. It’s not about a ghost. Benjamin is refusing to drink the expressed breast milk I leave at home. He is turning one at the end of the month and I do not have plans of weaning him off the boob, yet. Just as what I did to Pristine, it will be baby-lead weaning for us again.

So, he refuses to drink my milk when I am away. He used to drink lots of it, prompting me to maniacally pump in the office and go home during my lunch break just to deliver the goods. Now, the I have ample stored milk supply sitting in the fridge. His weight is normal, loves his solid foods and is a mess if not fed on time (little hungry boys are scary). He nurses when I’m with him and we co-sleep and nurses at night, frequently. I shouldn’t be worried, should I?

Added after giving this issue much thought: I think I know why he refuses to drink stored breast milk from the bottle!

A couple of days ago, I bought lactose-free formula milk and gave it to him. His face said it all. The taste was revolting and he looked at me as if saying, “don’t you dare give me this fake stuff!”. After that, when he sees white liquid on the bottle, something tells me he thinks it might be formula milk! Talk about traumatized!


  1. Awww. Wawa Baby B — he associates the formula to the bottle! 😦

    I agree, little hungry boys are indeed scary. Shouting, mad crying, hair pulling, and all that stuff. 😛



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