Bikini in Dubai

I was looking at my friend’s album in Facebook titled: Cancun, Mexico. Of course the photos were oozing with golden beaches and perfect weather and not to dismiss: bikini clad ladies – including my friend.

My 8 year old daughter was beside me and when she saw my friend clad in skimpy bikini she gasped:

“Wow! Whoa! Is that legal?”

Ah, the darn things kid say when they’re living in Dubai (or in the Middle East for that matter)!

Disclaimer: It is perfectly legal to wear a bikini in Dubai just that, with the issue to call on proper dress code in public places like in malls teeming with scantily clad women, Pristine thought bikinis are not allowed here. Yes, we should have a beach trip soon!


  1. Your daughter is so cute and naive! You should probably take her to a beach there so she can see these women wearnig bikinis right before her very eyes. Thanks for sharing this experience with your daughter.




  2. I think a beach trip is definitely called for! LOL

    Although you really can’t blame her for thinking that; when you don’t see something everyday and you see people fully clothed from head to toe, it’s easy to be mislead like that.



  3. my 8yrs old son would say something if he sees ladies wearing inappropriate clothing at the malls but it’s funny though when we were in Canada last summer you can see ladies and girls everywhere with their skimpy shorts and very revealing clothes, he did not comment or say anything 🙂



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