Forget it, I’m taking the train

I’ve been taking the Metro for the past few days because I’ve been coming to work late because of heavy Dubai traffic since school reopened early this month. We have a strike 3 policy at work with regards to being late: 3 days late = 1/2 day salary cut. Nasty.

So when I arrived late for the third time, meaning half day salary cut is guaranteed, I felt that I should just head back home since I would be unpaid for the whole morning. Sensible, right? If only.

Enough was enough. I can’t take sitting in slow moving traffic with aggressive drivers anymore. I decided that since it’s already bearable* to walk outside anyway at 35C at 8am, I’ll leave the car at home and walk to the train station.

*bearable does not mean that I won’t break a sweat in the 15 minute walk

So I see these bunch of cars with frustrated faces of the drivers holding the steering wheel, counting the precious minutes as they go by and probably, just wishing this week to end already when it just started. It feels amazing to be able to walk away freely from the pile of cars, onto the train station and not be terrified to be late again. Plus with the sweat from walking, I feel I’ve done a small part of my daily workout already.

I feel liberated, I almost want to march-bounce Gangnam Style to the Metro station to make the drivers jealous. And maybe they might leave their car and go greener, take the train and we will all bounce bounce happily Gangnam style.

If I need to explain what is Gangnam Style to you, you’re probably trapped under a large object, probably a rock or have no internet connection. Here’s the imaginary giddyup dance craze that sucks you in:

Now, if you hear the expression ‘Gangnam Style’ you know what to do. You giddyup with the invisible horse dance. The sillier, the better.


  1. Oh man, I’m dying!! I kind of have the urge to break out in the Gangnam Style dance in a very public place right now. LOL

    You know, I admire you for choosing to walk over taking the car. People are so CONDITIONED that I bet half of them wouldn’t even THINK about walking and taking the train.

    Plus, you are helping your health, too ^.^



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