Got SMS from Etisalat? Register your SIM card now

A follow up to yesterday’s post regarding registration of SIM cards to the owner’s name (My number, my identity campaign): mobile service provider Etisalat announced they will cancel unverified SIM cards.

They have sent out SMS notices to 1.5 million users kindly asking them to update their personal data within three months, otherwise they will be eligible to lose their SIM cards. If the subscribers fail to update the information within the specified period following the SMSs, the SIM card will be suspended and after another three months the number will be cancelled as well.

So, if you’re with Etisalat, check if you have received that important SMS and if you did, register when you can and don’t wait when your three months is up. I can only imagine the deluge of subscribers rushing to the sales offices to register. I hope Etisalat can well cope with the rush. The rush with the Emirates ID applications was nightmare enough.

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