School time can’t get any sooner!

Today was school orientation day. Pristine was so glad to finally see the light at the end of the (summer) tunnel. Most of all, she’s so happy to see her best friend, Laila. They have been apart all ten long summer weeks but looking at this photo and seeing how they can’t stop hugging each other and walking holding hands, it seems that they have not seen each other for ten years!

Laila spent her summer vacation in her home country in Egypt while Pristine just stayed at home (in Dubai). Laila had so many stories to tell and after the school orientation ended, she asked me if Pristine can go to her house as they have not finished talking (and giggling)! Well, Laila’s mom and I thought, they better fill each other up before school starts on Sunday (not a typo. School week is Sunday to Thursday here.) or else their teacher will have a hard time peeling them off from each other in class!

* Laila and her family will be leaving for Canada to live there soon so this might be the last year the girls will be together which is kinda sad.

There will be 18 students in Pristine’s class this year (she’s in Year 4) and she is the smallest.

Kids, this is what happens if you don’t take afternoon naps in your summer vacation.


  1. Lol to the last part of this blog! I remember those baby-sitter aunts and grannies yelling at me during summers to nap, nap, nap, or you won’t grow up! 🙂



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