We are happy school is starting again. You?

She said she was bored so I tossed something to keep her busy. And entertained. The little one joined in the fun.

The first day of school is in three days and Pristine is so looking forward to it like Christmas. Like the past three summers (excluding this one), we ‘just stayed at home’ while the rest of the children in the UAE are back in their home countries chasing grasshoppers. Or enjoying the rain. Or running their bare feet on the grass.

There are no grasshoppers or natural grass in Dubai and the last time my child experienced rain was ages ago. Naturally, she is lonely and Bored with a capital B in it.

I want to write about the dull 10 weeks I’ve let my daughter endure (a.k.a. “how I failed as a mother” or “how I surely suck at homeschooling”) but that would be another day. For now, I am glad school is starting again. Just glad.

Are the students in your house looking forward to school again?


  1. Hi Grace,

    I’m an expat mom here in Dubai too ^_^ May I say that I love reading your blog and been lurking in your site for a year šŸ™‚

    Well, am proud to say that my son who will be in 3rd grade this year is very excited to go back to school next week, just like Pristine his been nagging me too how bored he is staying at home. Because of the weather I never let him play outsite so his stuck at home watching tv and playing with his play station while annoying his little sister!



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