Benjamin is 10 months

Sorry for not posting for a while…but first things first – Baby Ben is 10 months old today! His first birthday is getting nearer and nearer. My baby boy is slowly growing and one day I’ll realize he’s not a baby anymore and I won’t know what to do. I’ve been too much addicted to this baby phase that I might need to borrow someone’s baby when I need that ‘baby high’!

Benjamin’s milestones:

  • Welcomed two new teeth (upper)! But these two nasty teeth came with so much discomfort for him including fever, restlessness and reduced appetite!
  • He walks while holding on to furniture and cruises a lot confidently
  • He waves both his hands when he hears music!
  • Searches for objects when I try to hide it – “it” being a chocolate bar (oops!)
  • Still breastfeeding but sadly, he has developed the knack of biting (either due to teething or he just want to hear me scream!)

As for me, I had one special moment a few days back – when Benjamin took his first wobbly steps unaided, I was there to witness it. I wasn’t at work, at the groceries or in any part of the house. I was THERE and it made me so happy. I remember when my older daughter Pristine was small, my mom who was then taking care of her called and told me on the phone: “your girl took her first steps!”. I don’t remember much about that conversation but I clearly can’t forget how it made me so emotional! As a working mom, these little milestones mean a lot and I’m just happy to see my baby boy chose to take his first little steps when I was there with him!


  1. happy ten months baby ben! Grace try to mix small amount of elocom to lypobase cream and apply thin layer to bens cheeks after bath, both my babies have the same red face like him and that mixture stop it completely. this is tried and tested.



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