Back to the daily grind, a headache

Ramadan and the Eid holidays are over, it’s back to the daily grind. That time when I look at my watch at 3pm and say (or sigh): “Haaaa, if it was still Ramadan, work would have been over at this time.” but oh well, post-Ramadan, work timings are back until 6pm.

We did nothing exciting in my 4 days off as a sick baby was involved. He is so much better now. Fever was because of teething and nothing else so aside from a few bite marks and heavy eye bags I have, we are all fine.

I’d really love to get back into gear and write more but I’m having server issues with this blog which needs a lot of techy stuff to do (which I am so useless of – thus seeking help from friends!). My web host, Bluehost has suspended my account due to poor/slow performance (CPU throttling for the techies), I attempted to ‘fix’ it, they resurrected my blog but then I just discovered that ALL comments (30,000+ of them) in my old blog posts are GONE.

I know that is better than the content gone but still, I want those comments back so excuse me I have to take a moment to solve this problem. I’ll be back hopefully very soon!

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