Baby is sick

Benjamin couldn’t have picked the ‘perfect’ time to get sick. It’s almost the end of Ramadan and the Eid holidays are upon us – it’s been announced that I’ll have four days off from work.

He had fever yesterday morning but was having the usual (big) appetite and playing. When night came, he got cranky and clingy and fever continued. We took him to the hospital. Thank God my husband was home otherwise it would be diffifult for me to drive with a sick baby in the car at 2am.

Right now I’m in the hospital waiting area, waiting to be called to know his urine test result. Without any other symptom like cough or colds, the doctor who checked him earlier suspects of urinary tract infection. I’m scared.

It was just a few days ago when we were talking about how blessed we are that Baby Ben has been keeping healthy and have not fallen sick since birth (he is almost 10 months now).

I’ve then been told talking about baby’s stellar health or weight gain is an attraction for jinx. Heh. Me and my big mouth!


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