Avoid the roads before Iftar time!

I wish I took a video of our taxi ride a few days back but I didn’t. Or I couldn’t. I was busy clutching the securely fastened seat belt and praying silently I’d get to my destination in one piece. The taxi driver, after enduring a 14 hour fast (no drinks or food) was driving like mad in a 7 lane highway overtaking cars with little allowance for safety, swerving and speeding like it was a race track.

A few minutes more and it will be Iftar – the evening meal when Muslims break their fast during the Islamic month of Ramadan. The driver said, he’ll finally have food after he drops us on our destination.

IF we all survive the trip, that is!!

The local newspaper reveals: Iftar rush leads to more than 400 crashes in Dubai

Hunger, tiredness and disorientation makes drivers who fast during Ramadan make an unrealistic dash on the roads. It certainly felt like they all had a death wish! After a heart racing (pun intended) journey, we arrived safe and sound but I swear, I will never go out again on the roads either in a taxi or driving during the last few minutes before people break their fast!

Photo credit: emirates247.com

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