World Foods: Asian cooking made easy

I love Asian food. Duh I am Asian! I’ve started cooking Thai food at home after my visit to Thailand last year because that would be cheaper than going to a Thai restaurant whenever I crave for something Thai. (And I get that craving many times) I just need the right ingredients and easy recipes to follow.

I received a hamper from World Foods through their blogger campaign get the word out there that anyone can cook Asian (or Thai) with a little help from their range of sauces and pastes!

A little about World Foods:

WORLD FOODS is a pioneer in the Fusion and Asian food industry. Each WORLD FOODS recipe is developed from local blends using 100% natural ingredients, traditional herbs and spices. They have a range of fusion flavors whether you are a Chef or a busy homemaker; with a range of Asian sauces from Thailand, Malaysia, China and India.

WORLDFOODS produce 51 ready to use sauces in seven ranges that our discerning panel of master chefs, nutritionists, market researchers, food tasters and everyday ordinary users believe brings out the best flavors of the world without using artificial ingredients, preservatives or food flavor enhancers.

I received Yellow Curry and Masaman Curry ready to pour souces, Red Curry and Green Curry Pastes, Sweet Chili sauce, Tamarind Sauce and Ginger and Garlic sauce. I can’t wait to try them all!

Once a week, I will be posting recipes using these sauces and pastes and feature recipe links from other bloggers participating in this campaign. I hope we won’t get you too hungry!

World Foods products are available in the UAE at Carrefour, Spinneys and Geant supermarkets.

One Comment

  1. I actually bought a Tai Asian cook book at a garage sale awhile ago because I would LOVE to try to start making some! Like you said it’s cheaper than going out to a restaurant and I really would love the challenge ^.^

    I’m SO excited to see what you make with the goodies you got!!



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