Guilty mom: Frozen instead of taking action

I nearly had a heart attack last night. Benjamin and Pristine was playing, Ben in his walker chasing his older sister Pristine running around. Out of the blue, a wooden panel about 6 feet long, 1 feet wide that had been rested standing in our wall secured by a heavy coffee table we were not using peeled away from the wall and started falling down towards the direction of the baby.

We do the basic, logical things when it comes to babies and hazards but obviously, our house is not 100% baby proof. We left out that wooden panel because it was always there and frankly, we totally forgot about it. A big negligence on our part.

I was sitting nearby, watching the horror. I screamed as I saw the wooden panel falling, slowly because of the coffee table in front of it but it was going towards where baby Ben was. I kept on screaming and my aunt who was standing nearby was able to hold the panel slowing down the fall but she lost her grip.

The wooden panel missed baby Ben’s head by a few millimeters. Had not Pristine pushed his walker away, the worst could have happened and I will never ever forgive myself.

Baby Ben wasn’t hurt at all but he cried because he was so shaken by our screams.

As for me – I don’t know what came over me. I saw the panel slowly falling down towards my son and I didn’t do anything but scream. I could’ve ran towards it to stop it or I could’ve taken the baby away from the danger zone but I was just there, FROZEN. My 8 year old daughter did better than me. She saved her brother. I was a useless mom.

Have you been in a situation where you just froze instead of doing something useful?

6 thoughts on “Guilty mom: Frozen instead of taking action

  1. So scary Grace! Noah pulled out all the drawers of his dresser last year and it fell over on him. It was stopped from smashing him by the chair I was sitting in. Freaked me out.
    I’m so glad baby Ben is okay!


    • We will be very careful with things now that we have a boy! I can imagine how scary it must be for you – having two little boys in the house!!


  2. Oh wow, I’m panicked and I wasn’t even there! How scared you all must have been. I’m SO happy that Baby B is okay as is the rest of you. I’ve heard of similar situations and it’s just normal for some individuals to freeze like that.

    SO glad you’re all okay!


  3. Guilty as well. 😦 My five-month-old loves to bend over his back. 😦 I’m just thankful Baby Benjamin’s okay… good thing the ate is there to the rescue. 🙂

    On a side note, Pristine is growing to be a very pretty girl. ?


  4. Yes, I had a horrible experience two summers ago. A carriage pulled by two horses startled by something trampled through a parade my boys and I attended. Luckily at that very moment my boys were not in the street getting candy otherwise I know I would not have reacted fast enough. Many people were injured that day. I was thankful my boys were not hurt but was overwhelmed knowing how helpless I was. I had to get a small prescription from my doc to help me escape the trauma from that day.


  5. Aw, don’t punish yourself too harshly for what happened. Everybody has his/her moment, and yours came at a very inopportune time.

    Just look at the bright side of things — that Baby Ben isn’t hurt, and that you are proud of Pristine for doing the right thing.

    Cheer up, Ma’am. 🙂


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