Ramadan 2012 entering its 2nd week

It’s been more than a week since the holy month of Ramadan started. We are all enjoying the shortened work hours – mine’s from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Work load is piling up due to the shortened hours, yes, but I love that I can go home while the sun is still up and just laze around at home wrestling with the baby.

I do not enjoy the crazy, abnormal traffic on my way home after work. There’s obviously more honking, cutting of lanes and speeding on the roads. I say if you can’t keep calm while driving on an empty stomach, then don’t fast or don’t drive. While driving may be an option for some people, it is not for taxi/bus drivers who drive for a living.

Yesterday while on my way home, I passed by the pace where those Pakistani truck drivers hang out despite the heat when suddenly, one man stood up and punched his colleague beside him. Turmoil and chaos ensued…and traffic on my lane as drivers stopped to see what is going on! Ah, must be tough to be under the sun, in this heat and hungry since they are fasting since the break of dawn!

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