Benjamin is 9 months

My close friend asked me a question that stopped me on my tracks: How are you going to celebrate baby Ben’s 1st birthday?

I was like, whoa, wait – is it that near already? Well, depending on how you see or define time, 3 months to the big 1st birthday is either ‘still a long way to go’ or ‘oh shit, what should I do??”.

Honestly, I don’t want to think about that big birthday yet and I don’t have any idea what to do. I may leave the party ideas to the baby’s big sister!


Benjamin’s milestones:

  • Finally discovered that finger food is…food and not something you squash with your hand and rub into the sofa!
  • Gaining a lot of confidence with regards to walking or attempting to walk. He would stand with arms holding onto something and let go of that something and take his first unaided step..only to tumble down, of course!
  • Definitely knows which food he likes and doesn’t like and will let you know the difference through grunts and slapping of the spoon before it hits his mouth!
  • Has become very social – talks to everyone in the house, calls people to catch their attention and kisses A LOT with a lot of drool too.
  • Sleeps really well, I may say, jinx aside. He is usually sleepy at 8pm and wakes up at around 6:30 am

Baby eczema update – it’s been an on and off battle. We try to keep it under control by moisturizing and minimal steroid cream. I closely monitor his food and reactions to it. Now both of his cheeks are still red but at least it’s not weeping or bloody and he doesn’t need to take antibiotics. I really wish to see the end of this red patches on his skin! It’s getting in the way of how beautiful he is.

About me, I’m still shuttling from office to home and back during lunch break time but not really to feed baby Ben because the time I get home, he is usually already finished with his big lunch and is playing or taking a nap. I go home to deliver my expressed milk and just bond with him. It feels good not to be in panic anymore with the milk supply.


  1. Can’t believe he’s already nine months! He’s looking more like Pristine now.

    I think he looks beautiful with the patches or not, they actually look like he’s wearing blush 😀



  2. Mandy is dreading the day she must return to work this September. She loves being a mother so much, and I know she is dreading finding a daycare or home care provider. Me too! I love being able to drive down and see them both during the week!



    1. I know the feeling!! Even now, every time I go home during my lunch break to see my baby son, I always don’t feel like going back to the office!!



  3. Even with those red cheeks, he is still a beautiful little boy! I can’t believe he’s 9 months already; personally, 3 months to be would put me in panic mode. LOL Time seems to fly in my life regardless.

    He seems to be doing so good! 🙂



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