Ramadan 2012

Today is the first day of the holy month of Ramadan. For Muslims around the world, it’s the time for fasting from sunrise to sunset – refraining from food, water, tobacco and other ‘worldly pleasures’. This is our 6th Ramadan in the UAE. We love the generally quiet and laid back atmosphere in the daytime, the shortened working hours where most of work ends at 3 or 4pm and how the city lights up and food stops come alive at dusk when the sun sets to signal the end of the fast. This goes on for 30 days.

>>> 13 Facts About Ramadan and Fasting

This year’s fast is a tough one for people living in the Northern hemisphere where the summer days are long. Here in the UAE (Dubai), fasting starts at sunrise at 4:11 am and ends when the sun set at 7:12 pm. That’s 15 hours of no eating and drinking.

If it’s your first Ramadan here, bear in mind that most of the restaurants and food courts inside the malls are closed. If you decide to shop and don’t want to go hungry (and angry later), either eat first or shorten your shopping to go home and eat. However, there are exceptions where to lunch during daytime in Ramadan. Dubai based bloggers Foodiva and Geordie Armani have compiled where to lunch in day time during Ramadan.

* Above photo taken from a nearby supermarket where an array of dates of different varieties are on sale.



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